LPG Detectors


The addressable control panel, HXFA-255 / SLLGD255CP will gives the easy addressing facility through the ModBus RTU protocol up to 255 Intelligent addressable monitor modules (AMM) which connected to LPG detectors

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The HXNA-LPG is a gas detector to be wall mounted and surface mounted. It has an internal catalytic sensor for flammable. It is normally 230 AC powered and can be customized to 24V DC as well. On the front plate the LED indicators shows both the working condition and the gas concentration detected by the sensor. Also it has internal alarm sounders to notify detections with two alarm levels. The instrument is supplied with two dry contact (relays) outputs.


  • 230V AC Powered
  • Pre Calibrated sensors
  • Two dry contact (relay outputs)
  • IP54 Rating
  • Operating Temp 0-55 ℃
  • Operating Humidity – 0-90% RH
  • Working for LPG, BUTANE, PROPANE
  • Two Alarm levels  Warning 10% & Alarm 20% ELE
  • Warm up time – Approx 1 minute
  • Mounting – Wall Mount / Surface Mount
  • Weight – Approx 200grms
  • Life time – +5 years
  • Standalone or integration into third party controllers
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